In approximately 750-1000 words, respond totwo of the four questions in an essay format using one or two of the attached sources
1)     Jenefer Robinson describes ouremotions using the model of startle responses. Explain the major features of Robinsonstheory of what emotions are in general, and highlight one advantage and one disadvantageof her approach.
2)     According to many philosophers,love is an important case of an emotional state. Do you think that Solomonsaccount, of emotions as judgments, provides a satisfying account of what loveis? Explain your response.
3)     Rene Descartes presents us witha view of the emotions that treats their effect on our willwhat they inclineus to want to doas their primary effect. Do you think that his view iscompatible with Jenefer Robinsons view? What is one major similarity and onemajor difference between their views?
4)     Jenefer Robinson and RobertSolomon both use anger to illustrate what they think an emotion is (anattention-direction system, or a judgment); explain both of their views. Which,in your opinion, provides a more compelling account of what anger is, and why?
Assignment Objectives:
Demonstrate an understanding of the viewsweve discussed over the course of this semester (and especially in Module 4 -TheEmotions, Reason, and the Body). Where appropriate, be sure to definemajor concepts or explain philosophers positions.
Show that you can think critically aboutphilosophical positions. This can mean seeing the strengths of something aswell pointing out its weaknesses.
Connect abstract ideas to concreteexamples.  Communicate your thoughtsclearly in well-organized paragraphs. Include a short introduction.