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Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management
September 2022 Examination

Q1. Social ventures tend to have greater stakeholder issues and challenges than traditional entrepreneurial ventures. Explain the statement. (10 Marks)

Ans 1.
Social entrepreneurship is the means by which people, businesses, and businessmen create and finance remedies that primarily deal with social challenges. Therefore, a social entrepreneur is someone who looks into business prospects that benefit their neighbourhood, community, or the entire planet. A for-profit business strategy called social entrepreneurship aims to have a beneficial influence on environmental or social challenges. It is a person that looks into business prospects that benefit their neighbourhood, nation, or the entire planet. A business idea known as a social venture or social enterprise stresses a social benefit in addition to commercial achievement.

Q2.Kavya wants to start a multi-cuisine restaurant. Kindly write a business plan in detail keeping in view multi-cuisine restaurant. (10 Marks)

Ans 2.
A business plan is a crucial document that gives a summary and outline of the future of the firm. Every company ought to have a business strategy. The approach the owners will use to go from where the business is right now to where the owner wants to be in the future should be explained in the plan, along with the main objectives. A business plan’s goal is to clarify the strategy for beginning or expanding the company. It outlines how to accomplish the main professional goals. If Kavya wants to operate a multi-cuisine restaurant, a solid business plan should make it easier for her to manage the whole business operation. A business plan for an

Q 3.Akshay and Della has left their existing corporate job and are planning to start an advertising company.

a. How do Akshay and Della approach the funding of their business whether it should be bank loan or venture capitalist. Kindly justify (5 Marks)

Ans 3a.
In a loan, a certain amount of funding is given to some other person in consideration of the worth or principal amount being repaid at a later date. Loans may be made for a predetermined, one-time sum or as an open-ended credit facility with a cap of up to a certain

Q 3b. Which form of ownership is best for this business (advertising company). Kindly justify. (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.