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Details: Drawing must be done on Solidworks. Please submit all the necessary parts, assembly, and drawings files during assignment submission. Solution paper should contain photos of hand sketches of solution and Solidworks drawing. Please explain the solution clearly.


A fulcrum pin is shown in Figure 1. Design Jigs/Fixtures for any two of the

following operations. You need not come up with one jig/fixture to solve both

operations. You are strictly required to follow the operation sequence.

Operation 1

Design a milling fixture to machine surface A shown in figure 1 using a horizontal machining


Operation 2

Design a Drilling Jig to drill the holes of a diameter of 10mm and tap an M15 thread.

Operation 3

Design a turning fixture for machining the shaft of a diameter of 25mm.

Assume all other operations are completed. In your solution clearly indicate the supporting locating and clamping methods with neat sketches, indicating the locating and clamping elements.


For the supporting locating and clamping methods view the lecture notes attached.

Annotation for locating and clamping elements examples:

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