Engineering Assignment

(1) Estimate by aggregation how many gallons of gasoline are used by cars each year in the United States.
(2) Estimate by aggregation the volume of a person. A rough approximation of the volume of a person would be a cylinder approximately 1.75 m tall with a radius of 0.25 m. How different was your estimate from the cylindrical approximation?
(3) The website logging the progress of the Eagle Empowerment Youth Tour 2005 ( ) reported the height of the Empire State Building as 12,500 feet. Use estimation by analogy and estimation by aggregation to prove this is incorrect.
(4) Allow S to be the number of atoms along one edge of a cube of N total atoms. During X-ray diffraction, the scattering from each of those N atoms interacts with the scattering of every other atom. If a simulation of the diffraction from a cube with S = 10 takes 1 second to calculate, how long will a simulation a cube with S = 100 take to calculate?
(5) If you were leaving on a trip of 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers), and you could not stop for money along the way, how much cash would you need to carry to be able to buy gas along the way? Estimate using upper and lower bounds.