Engagement, Assessment, Goal Setting, and Contracting

Assignment III – Final: Engagement, Assessment, Goal Setting, and Contracting
This assignment asks the student to consider the ongoing process of developing a relationship with a client/client system focusing on the processes of engagement, assessment, contracting, and goal setting. Choose a client with whom you have had an ongoing relationship or use a case study from another class. If this is the case, please clear the case study with your professor.
Answer each question. 1. Describe the client with whom you have been engaging – including your initial impressions and challenges. Were there any value conflicts between you the agency and the client? 2. Provide a detailed assessment of the client system beginning with how the client came to the agency, ie: the referral source, what is the presenting problem, an issue that needs to be addressed? How do you partialize the problem(s) presented? Are there other systems interacting with the client with whom you must connect? Discuss the approach you used grounding this discussion in the literature. 3. Conscious use of self is a critical aspect of professional social work skills. Referring to the professional literature, discuss your understanding of this concept and how you are developing this skill. Please add some content from a process recording, if you have one, that demonstrates your conscious use of self during the engagement/assessment process. 4. What goals did you and the client identify? Are these consistent with the client’s needs and the agency’s services? Were there referrals and linkages that had to be made to accommodate the client’s needs? Was the client part of the process of identifying and setting goals? If not, why and with whom did you develop goals? How might the outcome of the work be impacted by client participation or lack of participation in the goal-setting stage? Were there any ethical dilemmas for you in the goal-setting process? Please integrate the professional literature into your response. If you are using a case study, you will need to add some imagination… Please make it realistic.5. What contracting arrangements did you and the client decide upon? Did you have to re-contract with the client during the assessment and the beginning of the work stage? What does the literature say about the importance of contracting? 6. Provide a conclusion that ties the paper together do not simply reiterate what you did, but is thoughtful in your concluding statements.
This paper should be between 8-10 pages, double spaced, APA-7 format, and use a minimum of 4 references beyond the required texts, including peer-reviewed journal articles, other texts, and related readings.

This is the case study you will use: 
Mary Adams and her family: Expanding the social support network The Adams family consists of Frank and Mary (the parents) and two teenaged children, Julie and Bill. The family was referred by CPS when Julie ran away from home following an argument with her mother over chores which resulted in a beating from her father. Confrontations over non-compliance with house rules and non-participation in church activity have escalated over the past year. Frank and Mary are heavily involved in their church, which has rules about how members should dress. They attend church meetings four days a week. Julie and her parents have major conflicts over these rules. While assessing the family’s social support network, you discover it consists almost exclusively of church contacts. Mary’s network consists of five people, including Frank, Julie, Bill, her pastor, and her pastor’s wife. The family has just moved to an apartment. They know no one in the building.