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Employee Development & Talent Management
September 2022 Examination

Q1. A multi-brand retail chain firm is extensively hiring customer executives and store supervisors. Suggest steps and tools to be used for talent assessment. Describe any 2 modern performance management methods can they consider for better Performance management? (10 Marks)
Ans 1.
The term ‘Talent’ is a natural skill or ability to be good at something, especially without teaching the same to any person. Talent is the most talked topic amongst the organizations and companies. Hiring or selecting a right candidate for right job with all necessary talent and skills is mandatory. For finding the right talent is a task hence talent assessment is used.
Talent assessment is a process which is structured and used by the companies or the employer of the companies to identify the most suitable candidates who can perform the work well with all necessary skill and ability. Talent

Q2. Motivating employees for improving productivity and impact is an art as well as science. There are many theories that help practitioners choose robust motivational strategies that influence employees to do their best. Suggest any 4 strategies and related theories that can be used by organizations for this purpose. (10 Marks)
Ans 2.
Motivation is said to be both art as well as science. It means a motivation as a science is a response to stimuli and every time there is no same response. Every situation is different hence the brain also responses the other way. Motivation is also an art as it shows creativity of doing things differently from others it also means intentional, conscious actions on the part of the artist creator.
Motivation can be defined as a basic psychological process or an internal feeling that helps individuals to attain their personal and professional goals in an efficient manner. It generates a

Q3a.Succession plan is the way for sustained growth for organizations. Do you agree? Suggest the steps involved in effective succession planning program that an organization should follow. (5 Marks)
Ans 3a.
Yes I agree that succession planning is the way of sustained growth for organizations.
Succession planning is the process of developing and identifying talents for future leaders at the organizations. It is an important part of business to help it run smoothly and without interruption whenever there needs to be a change in leadership. These changes are generally if the employee is leaving the company, switching career options and even retirement can be a part of it. There

Q3b. New age employees are very particular about a balance between their work and life.
Suggest some strategies that organizations are adopting to help employees strike work life balance. (5 Marks)

Ans 3b.

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