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Employee Development & Talent Management
June 2022 Examination

Q1. Global Telenor is a telecommunications company and believes that employees are their competitive edge. They are heavily investing in talent management practices. As a Chief people officer, what steps will you consider while developing talent management practices for the company? (10 Marks)

Ans 1.
Skills control is considered a vital technique in any company. This makes it easier for personnel to grow their skills and attachment to work. It is feasible to encourage the employees to work more excellently through skills control. For example, international Telenor is a corporation famous for its telecommunication. This corporation believes that its personnel help them be a perfect competitor in the competitive marketplace.
The primary objective of this talent management

Q2. Royal Fincorp has been a market leader for a long time. Of late, customer satisfaction scores have dipped. The new customer service executives seem to be week in query handling and product information. The need to be agile and work with limited workforce has pushed Learning and Development to relook at their learning initiatives and shorten them. Organization wants to look at some on-the-job techniques that will get the customer service executives to come to speed. Discuss any 4 on-the job techniques that can be considered for this purpose. (10 Marks)
Ans 2.
Distinct styles of the process techniques are used to assist any organization stays inside the proper line. The royal quality crop is a big organization leading the marketplace for a long time from its aggressive marketplace. However, nowadays, their clients’ delight is slowly decreasing. So they have been looking to preserve their leading function using some activity techniques. The company is keen to enhance its role by adopting a variety of techniques by growing in touch with its customer support executives. It is feasible to cast off such problems without difficulty to improve the training systems of the employees. The company can quickly get relief from its problems by adopting diverse superior quality process programs. The company needs to be more empowered and grow its work
Q3a. In the backdrop of rise in attrition, organizations are very keen to develop robust employee retention plan. Suggest some strategies that they can adopt to reduce employee turnover. (5 Marks)
Ans 3a.
In the case of the company, maintaining employees creates widespread trouble. Employee’s turnover is a big problem for the organization’s profits. Personnel goes away from organizations for their extra comfort and flow to a better company. So it’s essential to undertake various plans or strategies to shield such employees from turnover.
Concept and analysis
Employee turnover of a company has a significant effect on its earnings. So maintaining the right abilities is considered to be a completely crucial part of any business or organization. Consequently, the employer desires

Q3b. With a view to motivate employees and reward their loyalty, Sun Heath Ltd is keen to fill all the new managerial roles through their internal source only. Suggest some techniques that they should consider for internal talent acquisition. (5 Marks)
Ans 3b.
Talented teams in any organization constantly assist the organization in transporting forward on the path of fulfillment. Solar health ltd company has obtained numerous expertise acquisitions to keep their employees. Consequently, the organization has adopted various technical strategies to preserve its internal talent acquisition.

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