Emergency Medical Services Essay

There are various types of emergency medical services (EMS) systems and/or agencies that we may work with over the years as we develop as professionals. It is important for an EMS administrator to have a good understanding of the similarities and differences among them. Not all types of systems are represented in any one geographic area. In addition to this, there is often competition among different models of EMS agencies. As a result of this competitive spirit, there may be misconceptions about these other EMS models. As an administrator and leader, it is important to maintain an informed understanding of each type of agency, even if you have not been employed by or worked with anyone from those agencies. This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about types of EMS systems or agencies different from your own.
For this assignment you will select two types or models of EMS agencies, organizations, or systems. It is preferred that you select two that are different from the type you currently work within; if you have experience with several, select the two you feel you know the least about in terms of the areas being addressed by this assignment.
You should compare and contrast the two you have chosen based on the following areas:

access to and types of patients,
funding or revenue options, and
level of care.

You should have at least one source for each type, and those used should be academically credible. You may also interview professionals in your community who are familiar with systems of which you may not be familiar. Please be sure to consult the CSU Citation Guide for information about how to cite information from interviews.
Your essay should be at least two pages in length. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.