Elizabethan theater as popular entertainment

I completely messed up this assignment and wrote about a different topic then asked, I don’t have time with the other assignments that I have to do to complete this. Please Help!

What do you need to do for this research paper?  Here’s the plan: 

Select a topic from a list of six possible topics on British literature. Your topic will connect the work of literature to the time and culture in which it was written.
Decide on a research question, develop a thesis, and conduct your research.
Cite at least four research sources. At least one of them must be a print source that is not an encyclopedia.
Develop an organizational plan, including a formal outline for your paper. (I WILL BE DOING THIS PART)
Write a research paper on an aspect of British literature that you choose. It will be 69 double-spaced pages long, or about 1,8002,700 words.

What’s on the Checklist?
Review each line of the checklist. Be sure you can find the line for each of the following aspects of the paper:

purpose and stance
introduction and thesis
organization and multimedia
in-text citations and Works Cited page
appropriate, clear language
consistent, serious tone
varied sentence structures and beginnings
appropriate length