Electric cars comparison essay.

The Two: A Comparison EssayOverview: We compare things all the time, whether were deciding on New York style or Chicago deep dish pizza. Or Detroit style, for that matter! We compare classes, majors, career paths, insurance plans, the fastest way home.In this essay, you will decide on an issue topic that you are particularly passionate about and then, in a thoughtful and well-researched essay, compare and contrast two major positions on that issue. You might be at a loss for issue topics that interest you. If so, please visit either of the following databases located through the FGCU library: CQ Researcher Plus Archive and Opposing Viewpoints Go to https://library.fgcu.edu/ Click on Search Click on Databases and then:o Go to CQ Researcher Plus Archive and Browse Reports by Topicoro Go to Opposing Viewpoints and Browse IssuesAfter selecting an issue topic, begin brainstorming an initial list of similarities and differences, based on what you know of the two major sides. Then conduct research. For the Annotated Bibliography (see separate assignment sheet), you will need four sourcestwo scholarly; two non-scholarly but crediblethat should cover the range of major positions on the issue. Now, add to your list of similarities and differences. Refine the list. Can some of your similarities or differences be group into larger categories? If you could select the top 2-3 similarities and 2-3 differences, what would they be? Structure: For this essay, I would suggest you make use of the following basic structure: Introduction paragraph, with thesis statement Body paragraph(s) describing position #1 on issue Body paragraph(s) describing position #2 on issue Body paragraph(s) analyzing key differences between positions Body paragraph(s) analyzing key similarities Conclusion paragraph: What have you learned about the issue, about these two sides, and about their relationship to each other by writing this essay?A successful essay will: Compare/contrast two major positions on an issue that interests you Include a thesis statement Incorporate four sources (two scholarly; two non-scholarly but credible) Use in-text citations and provide a Works Cited list