El Con Mall Final Paper

El Con Mall Final Paper
The final paper will include the following:

Final paper (due 12.10.2021)

We are redeveloping the El Con Mall; how and what would livability look like?
These are just examples of topics:
( Mix-use development  ) 
( livability )
(sustainable economic development )
(green infrastructure )
(New Urbanism) 
(Malls and redevelopment) 
(Urban infill and urban redevelopment )

The format of the paper should look something like this:

Theoretical conversation/What conversations are you fitting into/relevant readings? 
Combine your site with your category, use examples from other projects/me creative and analytical
Do an image mood board that represents your project and vision
3 in-class readings, 3 outside readings 

Teachers comments:
If you want me to read over your draft and make comments, please email me and let me know. Also, I’m pretty flexible, and you can set up a meeting to go over the paper, or I can help with any confusion.