Effects of delivering mental health services through technology instead of in person

I need a research paper that provides credible sources throughout. This will be on the effects of  delivering mental health services through technology instead of in person –  explain why the research matters, what you hope to accomplish by conducting this research, and what considerations you have made to ensure that the research will be conducted ethically, effectively, and will sufficiently achieve specific potential outcomes.

A clear introduction that summarizes a research problem and rationale.

A summary and synthesis of past research relevant to your research topic, and the theoretical perspectives that inform your research approach. 

You should include at least 6 credible sources as part of your review of relevant literature. 

Research questions and/or hypotheses informed by your research topic, problem, and rationale.
An overview and explanation of a research design (methods, tools, and techniques to collect and analyze data) appropriate to the research goals. 

In this section be clear to explain why the research method(s) you might use would be beneficial to answering your research question(s) or testing your hypotheses. 
You do not need to carry out any research or collect any data for this assignment. You simply need to say the types of research activities you would like to carry out as part of this research project in the future.
In addition to the research methods, be sure to include considerations for: the role you as a researcher will play in the project and how the research methods you have chosen inform that role; your engagement with participants and any ethical considerations (e.g., participant protections, data anonymity, etc.); what types of data you will ultimately want to collect, and how that data are able to explain the phenomenon you are interested in better understanding.
This section should use support from course materials (at least 5 sources/citations) to show that the research design considerations you are making as part of this research project are theoretically and methodologically sound.

A summary of the projected outcome(s) you hope to achieve with this proposal. 

Who might benefit from your research? Who do you hope to share your project/results with? What do you hope to change as a result of.

The assignment should follow proper APA (7th edition) format for your paper and citations. You should include a references section at the end of your paper.