The references must line up with APA 7th edition.  I am paying for 4 pages but I only need 2 you can use another software other than PP but I want to know before I accept the bid.  Thank you

Create a brochure that describes your program to potential clients(parents) through graphics and words.
Design a trifold, six-panel brochure that depicts the following:

Formalize the physical layout of your center in a floor plan graphic that includes the classroom, play, and support spaces. (Remember to include easily supervised restrooms and planning/meeting spaces for adult personnel.)


Plan for furnishings and learning equipment and justify how your design and plan supports developmentally appropriate practices.


Explain how the total environment is in alignment with your programs proposed vision, mission, and philosophy, and directly supports the growth and development of children.


Include graphics and images to support your presentation.


Choose an appropriate software program to create your brochure, but if you use a specialized graphics program, be sure to save your document in a portable format such as a .PDF or a .JPEG before submitting it. You must be able to paste it into a document for this activity and the Signature Assignment.

References: Support your brochure with a minimum of four scholarlyresources.
Length: 2 pages