Eassay 2 pages

In order to bring current examples of business & society issues and problems into the class, each student will prepare a current event analysis. The analysis should be drawn from material in the business press and must deal with a topic within the last 12 months. The article/material should highlight the social/ethics issues facing a particular firm or industry and should be directly related to specific topics of this course. Your presentation should include the following points:

A very brief review of the key facts of the story.
Identification and explanation of the key course concepts, tools, topics that this report relates to.
Your analysis/evaluation of the actions or situations with respect to the relevant topic.
One question for the class discussion

Each presenter should submit your analysis report by 5 PM of the day before the presentation. 
The length of the outline should be one to two pages. Be sure to attach a link/copy of the article and any other materials from which the outline is derived.
Each presentation should be about 3 minutes. You may be randomly selected to do an oral presentation.

The grading template for the individual case presentation is as below:
Component (total 5%)
The event is well explained to understand (1%)
The event is relevant to the topic of the week (1%)
Great analysis of the event (1%)
The question is interesting (1%)
The report was submitted by the due (1%)