DUE 8/2 by 11PM (EST) *Read Carefully*

Legal Landscape and Other Ethical Issues
This assignment continues the organizational analysis on the company that you chose in Week One  (AMAZON). In this section, identify the external stakeholders of the organization.
 Areas to consider include legal department (contracts, general liability, product liability, etc.), governmental agencies (regulators, taxing authorities, etc.), independent contractors, industry associations (competition, strategic alliances, etc.), suppliers, etc. 
Compare and contrast how these varied perspectives promote and/or impede diversity. Assess the alignment of the organizational statements with the identified external diversity. 
Support your conclusions using Karnes (2009) article and the Nelson et al. (2008) article as two of your sources. ***REFERENCES INCLUDED BELOW***

The body  should be 4-6 pages, type-written and double spaced prepared in APA format. 

Karnes, R. (2009). A change in business ethics: The impact on employer-employee relations. Journal of Business Ethics, 87(2), 189-197. (ProQuest Document ID: 174918601).
Nelson, W., Weeks, W., Campfield, J., & MacLeod, L. (2008). The organizational costs of ethical conflicts. Journal of Healthcare Management, 53(1), 41-53. (ProQuest Document ID: 1422398481).