Digital technology is constantly evolving and developing, making it imperative that we look to the most recent developments, events, and discourses about our technologies. A book published a year ago about technology is already outdated. For this project, you have the opportunity to incorporate a more recent and specific focus to the unit topic. 
Assignment Description
Your task is to develop an audio, visual, or interactive project that adds something new to the unit materials. You will begin by narrowing your scope to a subtopic from our unit, and then conducting research about that chosen topic. Your research intent should be to learn the most recent news/conversation about this topic. The project cannot be an academic essay. 
You must find at least four recent articles (popular or scholarly; must be credible) about your chosen topic. Your project should be both informative and analytical. Otherwise, the presentation of your work is entirely up to you. The reflection should explain the choices you made when creating this project.


Report recent developments regarding your topic, contextualize information with our unit materials, and analyze the topic
Use information from 4 recent articles (4 years or less since the publishing date) to report, contextualize, and analyze the topic


In about 100 words, describe the choices you made while developing your project. For example, if you made a podcast, why did you determine that a podcast was the best approach? How does your project report, contextualize, and analyze? You’ll also be expected to include a bibliography of sources in this document.

Assignment Submission
You will submit this project to Canvas by the due date (listed on the course schedule or your to do list) through whatever means seem best. If you created this on the web → submit a link. If you created it on your remote computer → submit a file. As long as I can access the materials, your submission works. 
Please note: I recognize that this is an openended project so I expect that students may require more support during this project. Please reach out to me with questions or even if you just need affirmation that you’re approaching this correctly. 

Project Ideas: infographic, video, screencast, website, video game, podcast, digital mapping, data visualization, social media account, Prezi, collage (you are welcome to make this by hand, as long as you can submit an image/facsimile of it digitally)
Brainstorming Questions: How has the topic changed since the book was published? Is there a related subject that didn’t make it into the book, but deserves to be discussed? For example, Duarte’s book speaks directly to Native American efforts to decolonize technology in the United States–but digital decolonization is a global concept. Is there something the author mentions in the book that you can provide a more thorough explanation of? Has the technology itself changed since the book was published?
Recommended Platforms

Piktochart (Links to an external site.)
StoryMaps (Links to an external site.)