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Using the Max Realty workplace scenario information provided you will determine the scope of a project and develop a portfolio of draft planning documentation to discuss with your Operations General Manager (the assessor). You will then negotiate aspects of the project with your assigned project team. Finally, you will submit final planning documentation for approval.


1. Review the simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures, in the document ‘Max Lionel Realty.docx’. Review templates contained in the document ‘Project planning templates.docx’ for possible use or adaptation in completing project requirements.

2. Review the scenario information provided in Appendix 1.

3. Receive details from Operations General Manager (the assessor) of your project team, cost, skills, and suggested project deliverables and timeframes.

4. Determine project scope. Develop appropriate initiation and scope documents for discussion with Operations General Manager (the assessor).

5. Determine additional documentation required to determine project and develop deliverables.

6. Define project stakeholders. Determine how you will engage and manage stakeholders to achieve project objectives. Develop communication and stakeholder management plans for discussion.

Note: Consider scenario information and organisational structure to determine stakeholders and stakeholder interests.

7. Identify personal responsibilities and reporting requirements.

8. Determine relationship of project to other projects, systems, business operations, strategic aims of organisation, and external legislative requirements.

9. Determine resources and access to resources. Consult with Operations General Manager (the assessor) to clarify if necessary.

10. Determine project management tools, such as software (e.g. Microsoft Word, MS Excel, and MS Project) and templates, etc.

Note: You may use software tools or use or adapt the templates provided.

11. Using an appropriate project management tool, develop your project plan (version 1). Include:

a. work breakdown structure: stages of development or of task completion (Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate); opportunities for (peer and stakeholder) review and feedback; coordination of roles and sharing of responsibility for deliverables; dependencies

b. timelines

c. roles and responsibilities for each team member

d. resourcing requirements.

12. Develop a risk management plan for your project (version 1) for discussion. Include consideration of WHS risk management. Identify, assess and suggest treatment of at least three additional risks, including financial risk. Record risks on a risk register and complete a risk assessment document for each risk.

Note: You may use software tools or use or adapt the templates provided.

13. Develop a budget (version 1) for the project.

Note: You may use software tools or use or adapt the template provided.

14. Meet with Operations General Manager (the assessor) to discuss:

a. project scope

b. additional documentation required to determine project and develop deliverables.

c. project stakeholders

d. personal responsibilities

e. relationship of project to other projects, systems, strategic aims of organisation

f. resources and access to resources

g. portfolio of documents:

i. project initiation and scope documents

ii. project plan (version 1)

iii. risk management plan (version 1)

iv. budget (version 1).

15. Ask for feedback from your Operations General Manager (the assessor) on your version 1 drafts and ensure understanding of any additional project issues or changes to project parameters.

16. Meet with your project team to:

a. negotiate roles and responsibilities

b. Agree on version 2 of documents for approval by Operations General Manager (the assessor):

i. project plan (version 2)

ii. risk management plan (version 2)

iii. budget (version 2).

c. Incorporate Operations General Manager (the assessor) feedback into planning project:

Note: The meeting will be observed by your assessor. Follow your communication plan or agree to a time and date.

When meeting with your team, be:

i. professional

ii. accommodating and conscious of varying skill levels, interests, backgrounds

iii. submit documentation as per specifications below.

Assessor will provide further instructions in class room on completing assessment tasks which will clearly outline all requirements in more detail and simplistic way according to your understanding level. You may also request your trainer for additional information and may seek help with summarising of all instructions.

Submission Specifications

You must:

? meet with Operations General Manager to discuss project scope and portfolio of planning documents

? participate in project meeting/s with project team

? submit:

project initiation and scope documents, including: a proje