Dracula, Haunting Hill of House, Fever dream,

As we discussed in class, evil is often a metaphor fora threat against the structure. We see this in Dracula most prominently as Dracula travels across the continent to threaten the British Empire and the middle-class morality that is exemplifiedin the good brave men and Mina Harker. However, in The Haunting of Hill House, the structure, Hill House, is evil. Similarly, in Fever Dream, the town, itself, has been poisoned by its main source of income, the factory farming controlled by Sotomayor, Carlas boss. Furthermore, the story seems to call into question the very structures that are assumed to be protective, such as the structure of parental authority, exemplified in both Carla and Amandas failure to protect theirchildren. The sinister, then, becomes the lesser evil, or even the last hope, represented by the Green House, another physical structure, and the elderly woman practicing a kind of magical witchcraft that splits the identities of the children in order to save them. Write an essay discussing the manifestation of evil as a structure in Jacksons The Haunting of Hill House or Samantha Schweblins Fever Dream. How might we interpret this structure/s as influences or embodiments of evil?