Answer each question individually 


Which propositions of social learning theory are illustrated in the song, Me & My Uncle? Which lyric best illustrates the improvements of social learning theory over differential association theory? Explain.


According to Anderson, in what ways do the drug trade and sex both increase respect or juice for street kids? What do you think of Anderson’s theory so far?

3 Police obtain an arrest warrant to arrest John Doe for possession of explosive devices and murder with explosive devices. They proceed to John Doe’s house and see him sitting on his porch steps. They attempt to arrest John Doe and he immediately runs inside his house. The Police:

Can surround the house to make sure John Doe doesn’t leave, but must wait for a search warrant before going into the house and arresting him.
Can enter the home and make the arrest because John Doe’s flight into the house gives them implied consent to enter his home.
Can enter his home because the arrest warrant establishes probable cause to arrest him no matter where he is found.
None of the above.

You must select answer A, B, C, or D for your answer. When you select the answer, you must support your selection by materials from the text, and list the page number of the text which supports your conclusion.  You must also explain why each and every one of the other three answers are incorrect


Is the exclusionary rule an effective way of deterring law enforcement from violating 4th Amendment rights?
Are there any other more effective ways of preventing 4th Amendment violations?