The Best WritersThis assignment will provide an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about process mapping.Assignment #1 (10 points):Write a narrative describing the process illustrated in the diagram below. Be sure to include every step in the process.Assignment #2Using the process described below, fill in the text boxes within the colored areas of the process map on the following page to illustrate the process narrative below. Be sure to give your diagram a descriptive title.Students are required to prepare and submit registration forms. The administration reviews forms for completeness. Completed forms are sent to the registrar to verify all appropriate details. Incomplete forms are returned to the student.The registrar will determine if minimum standards are met. If the minimum standards are not met, the student’s registration is rejected. The registrar prepares a rejection letter, sends it to the student, and the process ends.Approved registrations are forwarded to faculty advisors for further evaluation. Faculty advisors make the final decision on admission. Based on the decision, Faculty Advisors will prepare acceptance or rejection letters to send to students and then the process ends.Replace each of the “Text” items with the correct process step in the diagram on the next page.1Enter your Diagram Title HereTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextTextPart #3This assignment’s final part requires you to create a process diagram (in swim lane format with a process role in each lane) for a Coffee Café. The assignment includes the simple concepts of ordering, making, and providing Coffee or Tea in a typical Café. To keep the job manageable, the only drinks that are available are:· Coffee· TeaAssume that the processes to order, prepare, and deliver the hot beverage are similar to those in any large coffee chain. The processes include:· Orders and cash are taken by the Serving Attendant / Cashier from the Customer;· Orders taken by the Serving Attendant / Cashier are passed to a Barista automatically and shown on a screen for fulfillment by a Barista;· There are separate processes for preparing tea and coffee;· Completed orders are provided to the Customer by the Barista;· The Barista can also request additional milk and coffee beans to be obtained from the storeroom by the kitchen hands or additional stock to be ordered by the Café Manager; and· The Customer can select the Sugar or Sweetener of their choice from a serving bar, located at the point where Customers receive their beverage. There are two parts to this assignment:Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a process, swimlane diagram of the coffee café process outlined above. Replicate the type of swimlane diagram discussed in the videos for this module entitled Process Map.mp4 and used in assignment #2 above. An example screenshot from the video is below.Notes: You should submit two documents to D2L. You should submit a Word document with parts #1 and #2 and a Powerpoint document with your diagram for part #3. Please also keep in mind that all process maps must have a title, swim lane titles, all steps connected, and every step, decision, and decision path labeled. Please name your PowerPoint file as follows: ProcessFlow.pptx