Do NOT provide an in depth coverage or report of the case itself but rather anal

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowDo NOT provide an in depthcoverage or report of the case itself but rather analyze itthe findings, the implications. The ‘bigger picture’ – don’tfocus on the person but rather the issue at hand.I. Policy Background: Identify the public health problem and be sure to be specificabout the problem’s scope and magnitude. Use quantitative data and sources to support(statistics and etc would be useful). Be sure to identify who is affected, nature of theproblem, key factors, and factors associated with the problem. Define the characteristics(frequency, severity, scope, economic, and budgetary impacts) of the problem or issue. your assignment shouldNOT be in question and answer format. It should be presented in paragraph format. What is the problem to be addressed? State theproblem meaningfully.· What was the event or series of event that was acatalyst for the case? Is it a problem or crisis that demands immediateattention? What interests are at stake for the actor (iestate or federal government) overall. Use data to support, Focus on the central, critical factors, Identify who is concerned and why? II. Facts of the Case: Include a summary of the pertinent facts and legal pointsraised in the case. It will show the nature of the litigation, based on whatoccurrences, and what happened in the lower court(s). Keys: make sure you describe the nature of the case, astatement of the relevant law, a short summary of the case. Explain who did what to whom and whythe case is being presented. III. Reasoning and opinions: Identify the actions taken by the lower courts (if this caseis being heard in the supreme court).If it was heard in the Supreme Court, identify howeach justice voted. What was the decision? Was a policy created? A law upheld? IV. Analysis: Evaluate the significance of the case, its relationship toother cases, its place in history,and what it shows about the Court, the impact it has ongovernment, society, and public health implications. Go into depth here. This sectionimportant- this is where the depth of the paper is. How does the case influence public health? Have any unintended consequencesbeen identified. Case is below: This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated