Prior to completing this activity, review the following:• The Tragedy of the Commons (Links to an external site.)• Valuing ecosystem services: Capturing the true value of nature’s capital (Links to anexternal site.)• What Is the Tragedy of the Commons? (Links to an external site.)• Midwestern farmers working to reverse Gulf dead zone (Links to an external site.)• Tainted wells tied to farm runoff; High nitrate levels in several towns are making waterunsafe for babies, pregnant women (Links to an external site.)• Roundup weedkiller ‘substantial factor’ in farmer’s cancer, US jury finds (Links to anexternal site.)• Industrial and sustainable farming (Links to an external site.)The tragedy of the commons concept illustrates what can happen when people use a limitedresource, which can result in “what is good for the individual is not necessarily good for thewhole.”• Describe an example of the tragedy of the commons in your area. While the video usedprovided the example of fish being pulled from a pond, what examples do you see inyour community?• Identify the natural cycle or system that is being impacted and any threats to thesustainability of a specific resource.• Additionally, identify the people or organization that is responsible for this tragedy ofthe commons.• Provide one potential solution that could keep this tragedy from degrading the well-being of your neighbors or community.