Discussion – The Corporation with Prompts

19Jan 2022 by

Watch the film The Corporation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpQYsk-8dWg).
The following prompts must be addressed with direct references to the film. 
Cite particular time stamps when possible so that we can reference them.

What role should the corporation play in our lives and society, if any?
Should corporations be entitled to the same legal rights as individuals? Where should the line be drawn?
How can we ensure corporations are held accountable for their actions? Should individuals (directors, employees, shareholders) bear any responsibility for the actions of a corporation? If so, to what degree?
What are the benefits of the corporate form? Could an alternative model offer these as well?
Do you think corporations are the root cause of the problem, or is it consumerism, capitalism, or all three?
If corporations were more reflective of the worlds population (poor, women, ethnically diverse, etc) would that help?