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Chapter 7 in your eText focuses on communication.   Locate a communication piece from an organization about a change they have made – you can use a video, a company website or a news article.  Then analyze the effectiveness of the communication.  Consider especially how the eText argues that language matters.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the communication and how would you improve it?  Give specific examples to support your choice. 

When you make your initial post, please fully answer the question and make substantive responses – i.e. at least 200 words that really dive into the topic and show that you’ve read in your texts and done research to support your opinions.
Apply appropriate examples that illustrate your points – feel free to bring your workplace experiences into the discussion. It helps us all learn when we can relate our past workplace experiences to what we’re learning here in the discussions.
You must reply substantively (at least 50 words that welcomes further discussion) at least twice to your classmates and/or your instructor.

Student discussions you need to reply to

Hello Everyone,

According to the Text, communication entails creation and exchange of meaning (Palmer, 2016). In addition, effective change communication should portray the need for a change. For this discussion I will focus on a news article on the Coca-Cola Company’s website. The communication piece was published in July this year with the aim of communicating a change in the recipe and packaging for Coca-Cola zero sugar (The Coca-Cola Company, 2021). Change communication is intended to influence the perceptions of various audiences both internally and externally. In this case the communication was effective as it clearly explains why the recipe is being changed and depicts value proposition.

Moreover, change communication involves telling and listening which is one of the strengths of the news article as it mentions about a sampling campaign. Consumers will have the opportunity to sample the reformulated drink and give their opinions about the new taste and look (The Coca-Cola Company, 2021). The communication is not only intended to get out the message about the new taste of Coca-Cola zero sugar but also to get consumers to buy-in to the change. The news article also includes one of the employees view regarding the change. The employee acknowledges the move as one of the innovations of the company and an indication of its commitment towards fostering a culture of healthy diets.

Hello Professor and Class,

Chipotle Mexican Grill has been hit with crisis after crisis.  They closed 43 restaurants in Washington and Oregon after six restaurants were linked to an E. coli.  Then additional illnesses were reported in seven more states.  80 college students in Boston fell ill after eating at Chipotle.  Sales and stocks at Chipotle have been tumbling since this first happened and now facing multiple lawsuits from consumers across the country.  The company announced that it will be closing all of its locations on so that they can update employees on the crisis, answer questions they may have, and provide updated safety measures the company.  Then the Founder Steve Ells went on the TODAY show and delivered a textbook example of the right way to communicate during a crisis.  First he began with an apology to the people that were effected and got sick, he then sent a message to ensure that there were procedures being put into place to make the restaurants safe again.  When asked about the financial toll the crisis he made it a point to avoid sounding selfish and saying that they are focused on safety and making the company better.  

I think it was smart to avoid talking about their financial crisis and focusing on doing better for the public.  They should however offer discounts for a long term period to entice customers back.  Also have events with company personnel and their families showing them eating Chipotle food to demonstrate its safety.