Discussion Post

1) If you were an agency manager, what steps would you take to build evaluation into ongoing processes?  

 2) A department within a community mental health center is in danger of being eliminated.  The director of that department is attempting to protect it by explaining how important the Consultation and Education Department is to the success of the center as a whole.  They point out that the department’s workshops, which are open to the general public, prevent mental health problems, and also encourage self-referrals for clinical help.  Although these points are well taken, the director does not have the data to back them up.  As the center’s executive director points out, “We don’t really know anything about the impact you’re having.” 

What steps they might take in this kind of situation?  How would a more effective evaluation program help? What methods might be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of preventive programs like the one at stake in this case?

Source to use 
Lewis, J. A. (2012). Management of human service programs. (5th ed). Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.