Use the Internet or the education databases found at Databases: EDU – Education in the Strayer University Library to search for a quantitative research study in education from the past five years. There are a number of education research databases available to you through the Strayer library. The Education Resources Information (ERIC) and Education Source are both excellent databases that can be searched at the Databases: EDU page, and you should start by searching in one of those two databases.
The following resources can also help you as you look for an acceptable research study:

Search Strategies.
Exploring Scholarly Articles.

Identify the research problem, the research question or hypothesis, and the type of research design the study used (non-experimental research vs. descriptive and type). You will post the link to the article. 

Respond to one peer and compare the methodology, research design, and results of the study they found to the quantitative study you selected.