List two specific materials that you have recently read which were written to inform; two materials written to persuade; and two materials that have entertained you.  Do not list movies or TV programs. You will list a total of six (6) materials.

Be specific; if you are using a magazine or newspaper, be sure to include the title of the article read as well as the name of the magazine or newspaper; if you include a book, also give the title and author.  If you include a billboard (or print advertisement) name the product or tell what is written upon it.
Give a summary (one sentence) of each of the six items on your list, and, for each item, explain what you believe the author’s intent to be (to inform, persuade, or entertain)
Clear label each of entries as Inform, Persuade, or Entertain.

Read some postings of your classmates.  Comment on whether you think the author in their examples has accomplished his/her purpose of persuading, informing, and/or entertaining readers. Be sure to respond meaningfully to at least two of your classmates