Discussion 5

While the LGTBQ community has seen some growth and progress, the transgender community has not been as widely accepted or understood.  Working with the transgender community may present a challenge to some social workers in regards to their religious beliefs, morals, values, or even simply what they may or may not be comfortable addressing. 
Please review ‘The T Word’ documentary by MTV as presented by Laverne Cox and answer the questions listed below.  Please BE RESPECTFUL at all times and non-judgmental of others in your posts.  This can be a hot topic for some, but remember that you are future helping professionals. 
1) Would you be comfortable working with someone who is transgender?  Why or why not? It is important to be self-aware. (minimum 1 paragraph) – 4 points
2) What information did you gain about transgender individuals from watching the video that you did not previously know?  Would this information change how you would work/view transgender individuals?  If so, how? (minimum 2 paragraphs) – 6 points
3) Locate/identify a professional journal article that you could utilize to assist/educate you in working with a transgender client who is experiencing issues of bullying, discrimination, depression, harassment, etc.  Summarize the key points in the article and how it can assist you in working with your client. (minimum 2 paragraphs) – 8 points*article must be no more than 8 years old; locate from Troy’s library database or google scholar; use proper APA format for reference and in-text citations or points will be deducted!