Discussion #2

19Jan 2022 by

Please format the questiona just like this. The topic is about  An adolescent relates that his life feels bland without drugs.
The book is in the uploded files. Please add quotes to each question from the first three chapters of the book. 

1)  How you would respond in a group setting to this group member? (minimum 1-2 paragraphs) – 6 points
2) What are your personal values/beliefs/experiences with regards to your alphabetical scenario (drugs/abortion/suicide/divorce) and how might they impact your response to this group member? (minimum 1-2 paragraphs) – 6 points
3) How would you respond to another group member that has personal values/beliefs/experiences that are in conflict with this group member’s experiences? (minimum 1-2 paragraphs) – 6 points

Make sure you consider and apply what you have learned in the past three chapters when forming your reply.  DO NOT SIMPLY GIVE ME YOUR OPINION!  Your answer must be based on what you have learned.