Discuss why senior citizens are often reluctant to report abuse

DirectionsFor this case study, I want you to answer the two case study questions (also shown below). As part of your response, I want you to conduct additional research on the topics of patient abuse, elder abuse and patient rights. Write a 4 page paper on the following questions:1) Do the facts of this case support the court’s findings?2) Discuss why senior citizens are often reluctant to report abuse.3) With a number of senior abuse cases occurring, discuss why society waits for extreme violence to occur before preventive actions are taken4) What type of legislation (YOU MUST LIST THE SPECIFIC LEGISLATION) that could be enacted or policies, procedures, rules, and regulations be implemented as proactive measure to prevent this type of widespread5) Describe how corporate culture can affect the decision-making process.DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS. STUDENTS ARE TO CONVERT THE QUESTIONS INTO BRIEF STATEMENTS AND THESE STATEMENTS WILL BE USED AS HEADERS. For example, Question- Do the facts of this case support the court’s findings? Header: Case Facts and Court’s Findings.Use Title Case for HeadersPapers require the following:Cover page – Make sure it is in APA format. Most students lose points for incorrect APA formatting. Visit this website to learn how to properly format your paper>>>> https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/in_text_citations_the_basics.html (Links to an external site.)To ensure formatting integrity, document must be saved as PDFIntroduction – Describes the purpose of the paper. Ideal length is FIVE sentences. Introduce the topic and preview the structure of the main body (discussion) that follows. It’s OK to start with: “The purpose of this paper is…”.Main body – Provide the analysis of your research. Use subheadings to breakup the paragraphs. Keep paragraphs relatively short 5-6 sentences each. Use transitions to make the narrative more engaging and to help he reader identify new points that you are bringing up.Conclusion – Restate the purpose of the paper and briefly recap key issues covered. Close with impact sentence to remind he reader of the importance of the topic. TWO paragraphs for this section. It is OK to begin your concluding paragraph with: “In conclusion…”.Reference page – For each question, student should use two references, one peer review reference and the other reference is the textbook. Students are to use in-text citation as supporting evidence. References must be from established, credible, scholarly sources (no newspapers or news magazines) and a minimum of four (4) are required. Make sure you review the APA guidance on proper reference page formatting.Cover page and reference page are not included in the page count. Papers should include page numbers. Most importantly–remember to follow the APA writing guidelines.Note: Opinion question, which should be supported by evidence; meaning state your opinion with the next line including evidence to support your opinion. Don’t forget to cite your source using APA in-text citation.Significant points will be deducted for poor layout, formatting, and organization