discuss (includina a review) three elements that you dont like a bout the film

This paper is about family/Musical film EncantoALL ARE 3.2 PARAGRAPHS– first paragraph (300 working words) : THE ASSERTIONThe entire project centers on your opinion about the film you watched. It is great film—but did YOU like it. Start the project with your assertion, an opinion that brings together what you liked and didn’t like about the film. In this way the assertion sets up the entire project. Use elements from the list we reviewed in session last week—two elements you didn’t like, and three that you did. Reverse that if you did not like the film.SAMPLE:Although it relies on offensive Italian stereotypes and has too much violence, The Godfather works because of the character of Don Corleone, the acting of Al Pacino, and the powerful ending.SYNOPSISAfter the assertion, in the same paragraph but using a transition, you can go right into the informational paragraph. Provide a clear and helpful summary of the film’s action. Like we did with the bibliography, like we did with the study guide, focus only on the major events and use transitions to maintain the direction of the summary. The goal is 3.2 paragraph after editing. You have a lot to cover—be selective and tighten up your prose to make every word contribute.-second paragraph (300 working words) :OPPOSITIONAfter using a transitional link (rhetorical question; fragment; or short sentence) look at what you did not like about a film that you otherwise liked OR look at what you did like about a film you otherwise did not like. The purpose is to demonstrate you can look at both sides of an opinion, that you are open-minded and fair and balanced.You need to look at two areas. In the example above, I would look first at all of the offensive Italian stereotypes and comment on why and how they distract in the film. Then I would look at some of the film’s often gratuitous violence and particularize the images, the scenes.This section use your sources to help make your case. The project calls for two direct quotes—one an ellipsis and one sentence quote. Maybe use one of them here? In the reviews you read, did you find a critic/source who agrees with you. This would be a great time to include that quote.The paragraph when you have edited it will be a standard 3.2. paragraph.And remember—we are evolving beyond relying on headings to direct a long project. Use the transitional links.USE ONE OPPOSING REVIEW ON THE FILM TO HELP DEFEND YOUR OPPOSITON INCLUDING A QUOTE FROM IT-third paragraph (300 working words) :discuss (includina a review) three elements that you dont like a bout the filmUSE ONE GOOD REVIEW ON THE FILM TO HELP DEFEND YOUR DEFENSE INCLUDING A QUOTE FROM IT– fourth paragraph ( 300 working words): -opinion-using the film at least two two reading from semester to define for all what being an adult means (two papers will be attached, use the last paragraghs in each papers to use in this paragraph)!!USE ONE ELIPSE QUOTE AND ONE SENTENCE QUOTE & use transitional links from paragraph to paragraph !!!! “newyork times” good reference to find film reviews !!lastly, worked cited page of film and reviews an where they where found