Discuss how to deal with/manage/control the issues

II. Abstract :◼ A. Summarize in less than 5 sentences in a◼ paragraph to include the major issues discussed◼ in your paper. Do not discuss or elaborate on◼ your paper. Just tell the readers the key issues in◼ the paper.◼ B. Single-spaced.III. Introduction: state the issues and get readers interested.Include the following issues:A. How serious is the problem (drug, gang, corruption…)?Cite recent news, stories, statistics, facts…B. Why needs attention?C. What other issues will be discussed?IV. Main body :Elaborate and discuss the main issues with *headings.◼ A. ____:◼ B. ____:◼ C. ____:◼ D. ____:E. Programs and Policies:◼ Discuss how to deal with/manage/control the issues◼ of your topic. (20%) of your grade. Cite 3 or more research & studies,◼ and not your personal views or comments.◼ Principles:◼ 1. Cite evidence (Studies, research, past and current programs/policies)◼ and not personal comments/opinions. No “I” or “you”, & use 3rd◼ person writing.◼ 2. Do not use/abuse direct quotations unless absolutely necessary.◼ Instead, summarize or paraphrase the main ideas/concepts.◼ 3. Need at least 5 refereed journal articles. Non-academic online sources◼ are not acceptable.V. Discussion and Conclusion:◼ A. Recap the major issues and argument of the paper.◼ B. Provide personal opinions and views.◼◼ VI. References◼ Give detail information on the sources you cited.◼ *All in-text citations should be included here & vise versa.◼ *Need at least 7 refereed journal articles with complete◼ publisher’s information, including author (s), year,◼ title, volume, issue and page number. E.g.,Kantor, E. (2006). HIV Transmission and Preventions in Prison: HIV InciteKnowledge Base Chapter, Prison Quarterly, 23, 55-78.Grading criteriaA. Follow the required formats and sections;B. Cite the sources;C. Give headingsD. Contents: Organization; logical arguments;creativity; and new information, balancedviewsE. References; library research;F. Pages: 9 pages in main content; No need fora cover page. Put paper Title, Abstract andIntroduction on the same first page (please seeSample Paper).Please look at the attachment FOR MORE DETAILS