Discuss how sociology differs – Hire Academic Expert

Please answer two of the following
four discussion questions. You must do one from each section (one from
section A and one from section B). Your answers must be a minimum of 200
words for each question. Please be sure to use and cite sources including your
textbook to support your work.
Part A:
Discuss how sociology differs from other
social sciences and from the physical sciences. First give the book
definition (with proper quoting with citations and references), and then
describe the differences in your own words. Be specific in comparing sociology
to these other sciences by using ideas other than those from the text.
Conclude with a description of one problem that sociologists face that physical
scientists and chemists do not encounter.
Why is the sociological perspective
useful? In responding, address each of the
(a) Describe the sociological perspective
(b) Explain in what ways it is of value.
Provide at least two concrete examples (put in your own words and not taken
directly from the text), and explain why they are good examples. You may
find viewing the following two video clips helpful when formulating your
answer: .pearsoncmg.com/sbx_videoplayer_v2/singleplay.php?projectID=MSocL&clipID=sanderson_lack_perspective_768K.flv”>”Sanderson interview: Historical Perspective I”.baker.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-18005335-dt-content-rid-483506_4/xid-483506_4>(click here for transcript)
and .pearsoncmg.com/sbx_videoplayer_v2/singleplay.php?projectID=MSocL&clipID=sanderson_histor_pers1744_768K.flv”>”Sanderson interview: Historical
Perspective II”. .baker.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-18005335-dt-content-rid-483507_4/xid-483507_4>(click here for transcript)
(SLOs 1 and 6)
Part B:
Describe each of the major research methods
covered in the textbook, and then select the one that you believe is most
useful in conducting sociological research. First give a brief definition from
the book (with proper quoting with citations and references), and then explain
in your own words. Defend your choice by explaining the basis for your
choice. The following video may provide insight for writing your answer:
.pearsoncmg.com/sbx_videoplayer_v2/singleplay.php?projectID=MSocL&clipID=renzetti_disc_method_768K.flv”>”Renzetti interview: Discussion of
Methodology”. .baker.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-18005335-dt-content-rid-483505_4/xid-483505_4>(click here for transcript)
In it, Professor Renzetti provides an example of the process by which survey
research on vicitmization is conducted in acquiring both quantitative and
qualitative data.
Using what you have learned from your
seminar one readings and the video clip .pearsoncmg.com/sbx_videoplayer_v2/singleplay.php?projectID=MSocL&clipID=strombler_res_method_768K.flv”>”Research Methodology”
.baker.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-18005335-dt-content-rid-483504_4/xid-483504_4>(click here for transcript)
about qualitative research methods, discuss the advantages of qualitative
research methods. Be specific and refer to the examples in the video to
illustrate your analysis. Quote/paraphrase and cite when necessary. The
citation should look like this: (Henslin, Qualitative Methods Video,
2008). The reference should follow this format: Henslin, J. (2008)
Video: Qualitative Methods in Sociology. 

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