Directions: This paper assignment will include a combination of research and ref

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowDirections: This paper assignment will include a combination of research and reflection. In the beginning of the course, you watched the documentary Grammar Revolution. Also, in Week 2, you watched a video of a teacher who is using what some consider to be a controversial approach to teaching inner-city kids to speak and write using standard English. For this paper, you will choose a specific topic discussed in the documentary or in the video featuring the teacher Garrard McClendon and write a reflective paper in which you explore this particular issue and reflect on how this issue relates to the way you were taught English or the way you teach or plan to teach English. You will need to incorporate a minimum of three credible sources from the National University Library, two of which must be current (within last five years) peer-reviewed articles from the United States of at least seven or eight pages. The essay can be written in first person and should include a clear thesis that demonstrates the point you want to make about this issue or approach and how it relates to your experience either learning or teaching English. Be sure to summarize the concept in your introduction to provide the reader with context, and state a clear point as to how this relates to your experiences. This is a 1,250- 1,500-word essay (approximately 5-6 pages) and should be formatted according to MLA style. This means you will also need to include a “works cited” page and parenthetical citations within the paper when outside sources are used. Essays will be graded on your ability to identify a concept that is relevant to the study of grammar derived from one of the two videos mentioned and relate it in a meaningful way to your own experiences as either a student or a teacher of English. Your essay will also be graded on your ability to reflect on your own experiences in a meaningful way. Your paper should include research to provide more depth and understanding to the topic you have chosen, and your writing should demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts you have learned in terms of grammar and punctuation. Documentary Grammar Revolution Video: Inner-City Kids Video: This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated