Directed Essay Project Print Additional Resources for the essay: For question 3

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowDirected Essay ProjectPrintAdditional Resources for the essay:For question 3 – here is the link to the complete video:Rent for $2.99 through Vimeo in for free and view here:, W. (Director) (1990). The road to brown [DVD].In text citation would be (Elwood, 1990).Example on how to cite a power point slide source:PowerPoint PresentationsRoberson, H. 2021. “Civil Liberties.” Presented as part of POS2041 course, Fall 2021,at St. Petersburg College, Florida. Retrieved September 15, 2021 (SPCmyCourses: would have a separate full cite for the Civil Rights notes.In text citation would be (Roberson, 2021)————————————————————-Essay – Civil Liberties and Civil RightsThese are multi-part essay questions worth 37.5 points each for a total of 150 points overall.You must answer all four questions to be eligible for full credit on this test.Essays must include in-text citations within your writing and a full reference list in APA format.Follow proper APA style for college papers: double spaced throughout, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, first line of all paragraphs indented, and name, course, date in your document.Please be sure to read each question carefully to make sure that you understand all parts. When answering, structure your essays to include responses to the entire question. You will be graded on the accuracy of the factual information that you provided as well as the depth of your critical analysis.Please be sure to proof read your responses with special attention to:a) Did I answer the entire question?b) Did I include or say everything I wanted to?c) Is my response essay well organized and does it make sense?APA citations are REQUIRED in order to be eligible for full credit on this essay exam.DO NOT INCLUDE QUOTES in your writing – you should be paraphrasing what you learned and CITING YOUR PARAPHRASED segments of info, details, and declarative statements that you write. APA IN TEXT CITATIONS for paraphrased segments are required.Remember, the primary sources for this exam should be your course notes, lecture videos, the documentary, textbook, and any websites provided in the course to this point. Do not include outside sources unless approved by Dr. Roberson first.ALSO, per our course syllabus policies – DO NOT include encyclopedias, dictionaries, study tools, or wiki blogs in a college level paper. Those are k-12 level sources and not college level.*****************************************************************************************************************************Essay Questions:1) List and define the various “tests” that have been used by the federal government to determine if certain types of speech (anti-governmental) can be censored or banned.Discuss and analyze whether or not you think that the press, entertainers or even the general public have gone too far in recent years or are they all still well within their right to freedom of speech?Be sure to include specific instances and details when providing explanations and examples.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2) What Constitutional Amendments include our “Due Process” rights? List them ALL and provide a summary of what rights are covered.What are the guidelines for a “legal” search? Explain the “exclusionary rule” and provide at least one example to clarify your understanding of this concept.Based on your own analysis, discuss the reasoning behind whether or not you think the government or law enforcement “goes too far” or is “in line” when “requesting” that individuals submit to searches of their person, home or vehicle. Remember to include the WHY behind your views.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3) Summarize the Plessy v. Ferguson decision. Explain what type of society this decision helped to create.Briefly discuss what types of racial segregation occurred throughout the United States following Plessy. What were the customs or laws that mandated segregation called? Use specific examples. Explain how all of this set up two different societies and how separate was not always equal.What African American interest group was founded in order to begin the lengthy legal fights for civil rights? What was the successful long term strategy used by this group, to eventually overturn the Plessy v. Ferguson decision? (Hint: it is not demonstrations or anything like that – those occurred after the Brown decision happens – the strategy is leading up to Brown).Why was this tactic so successful? Where were the “battles” fought? Give an example of at least one successful “battle” and discuss HOW it helped pave the way to overturn Plessy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~4) In your own words, summarize the 1954 US Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. What does it state and what is its significance?List the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and briefly discuss WHY it was necessary for Congress to pass legislation 10 years after the Brown decision that formally mandated compliance at the state and local levels.The legacy of affirmative action – discuss your views. In your opinion, has it worked, failed, is it still needed or should it be revised in any way? Remember to analyze and explore your answer thoroughly by using examples to explain the “why” behind your views – this is critical analysis._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Remember, the primary source for this essay exam assignment your textbook, your course notes, affirmative action link provided in the Civil Rights module, and the Brown video. Do not include outside sources unless approved by Dr. Roberson first.ALSO – DO NOT include encyclopedias, dictionaries, study tools, or wiki blogs in a college level paper. Those are k-12 level sources and not college level.In order to receive credit, you are also required to:Provide comprehensive analysis by using the source(s) provided, textbook, and/or other course materials as the primary source of information.Penalties for not following this requirement will range from 5 to 15 points.Submit your essay in at least 1500 words.Penalties for not following the length requirement will range from 5 to 40 points.Avoid copy-and-paste and quotations.Use paraphrasing instead of quoting.QUOTES are NOT PERMITTED in your papers in this course. DO NOT include QUOTED material in your assignment.Penalties for not complying will range from 5 to 20 points.Provide, when paraphrasing, in-text citations and references in the APA writing format.Penalties for not providing in-text citations and/or references will range from 10 to 40 points.Plagiarism will not be tolerated. A failing grade for the assignment and/or the course will be awarded pursuant to the SPC Academic Integrity Policy. help with in text citations, see the video below:For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated