Descriptive writing paper

Choose an artwork to write about.
Choosing an artist from our book is
a good idea.
Be honest, what do you see?
1. Students, write a 1-2 page, single spaced paper
describing the Visual Elements. Include a brief discussion
of subject matter and the materials and techniques that created
the work.
2. Analyze the Principles of Design.
Visual Elements:
Space. 2-d/3-d
Line (what kind of line?) drawn line, implied line. thick, thin…
Shape: geometric, organic, abstract, nonrepresentational. Mass/Volume.
Light, shadow, value (is there a light source?)
Texture (implied, actual)
Color (what is the color palette?)
Principles of Design: Picture Plane
-Placement: positive, negative, figure/ground.
-Balance: symmetry/asymmetry
-Emphasis: unity & variety
-Proportion & Scale.
-Designing & organizing space with depth.
-Perspective (Atmospheric)