Describe Your Internet of Things Environment

Inventory all Internet of Things devices in your home and map their connections to social media companies. Define, at minimum, the following:

Do they use another company’s authentication (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook)?
Do they collect data, and if so, what is it?
Do they connect to social media?
What would the impact on your life be if the data collected, or that could be collected, was released to the public? For example, would you mind if the world listened to everything an Amazon Echo could hear in your bedroom?
Is your Amazon Firestick always listening? How about your phone’s speaker listening for Hey, Siri or OK, Google?

We are not looking for specific personal experiences. This is a thought exercise meant to allow us to think about what consequences could be for others, or a hypothetical person. If you would like to describe a hypothetical person’s home and equipment, that is completely acceptable and is encouraged.

12-point font
2 pages 

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDiscuss a minimum of three items that are connected to the Internet.
Fully described how the devices connect to social media and the Internet. (1 point per device.)
Describe fully what the consequences would be if the data these devices detected, or could detect, were made public or how it could be used against them.