Describe very clearly the key question you are posing and why.

Choose a very specific context in which to study your research question. Create a clear and concise question. This is not meant to be a general term paper. Rather, it is supposed to be an analytical paper. Inspired by Darling-Wolf’s study and focusing on two countries in which nation states define themselves with & against other nations in a diacritical process of identity formation. Then you need to pick a specific international incident or event and then examine closely how two different countries covered the same event, reading 10-15 news stories from each of the two countries on the same event carefully and identifying patterns that you see. Then you need to build the paper carefully based on the patterns you find from a careful analysis of the news coverage.The final paper should include the following parts, and it should be approximately 6-8 pages long with the references page.a) Describe very clearly the key question you are posing and why. Discuss the importance/significance of the question, and any angles of the question that you think are important to cover. Then introduce your case study and tell me why you chose this specific context/case, how you thought it would help you answer the key question. Give background and context for the case so that its significance can be understood.b) Provide extensive detail on the case you explored, especially the aspects of the case that relate to the key question you have posed. Organize the details in such a way that the relevance of the case for answering the question is clear. For example, if you’re analyzing a particular aspect of global flows of ideas or images using Appadurai’s model as a lens, be sure to show in detail how the particular images or ideas have traveled from one context to the other and how they have been changed or modified along the way. If it is helpful, divide the section into subheadings to make it clear and make it flow well.c) Describe any patterns you found from studying the particular case. Discuss the implications of what you found for answering the key question you posed. What does the case teach us about the key question? What conclusions can be drawn, what answers to the key question are suggested? Does the case help to answer the question partially, and if so, what aspects are illuminated by the case? How would the study need to be extended to get a better or more complete answer to the key question you have posed?d) List all references you have used, including both scholarly references and any primary material from the web, etc. Use APA or MLA style to list all references.