Describe the target market, providing evidence and justification for this

“In marketing, social responsibility refers to an organisation’s obligation to maximise its positive impact and minimise its negative impact on society” (Pride, Elliott, Rundle-Thiele, Waller, Paladino, & Ferrell, 2006, p.69).
Manufacturers have been accused of developing alcohol products that have been designed, packaged and promoted specifically to target young consumers. Considering current societal concerns about youth binge drinking and its side effects, and the role of corporate social responsibility, this is a situation that would impact many alcohol producers. You are required to evaluate the marketing strategy of one major alcohol product of the world and targeted at a younger demographic from a corporate social responsibility viewpoint. Your written evaluation must not exceed 1,500 words. Show references as well.
1. Briefly describe the target market, providing evidence and justification for this (e.g. product packaging, advertising placement, promotional activities at concerts).
2. Next identify any corporate social responsibility activities the company may be engaged in.
3. Critically evaluate these activities and their effectiveness. Critical evaluation is about proving a point, interpreting information and resolving problems. To achieve high marks you must be able to make an informed judgment or evaluation about the worth of the activity that you have identified. For example, your evaluation may consider issues such as awareness and relevance of the activities to the target segment and the target markets response to these activities.
4. Recommended changes you would suggest.

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