Describe the changing patterns of employment that have occurred recently in the UK

section twoThis section should take you approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.Answer TWO questions1. (a) Describe and justify the use of 2 methods of production.(b) Discuss the methods of physical distribution of a product from the producer tothe customer.(c) Describe the methods of financing a takeover.(d) Explain the effects on an organisation of branding their products.(e) Describe the methods available to a Public Relations department to improve theimage of an organisation.2. (a) Describe the main features of a matrix structure.(b) Explain the role of the Finance department in an organisation.(c) Describe the types of industrial action that employees could take.(d) Explain the effects that prolonged industrial action could have on an organisation.(e) Describe how a manager could assess the effectiveness of a decision.(f) Describe the characteristics of high quality, reliable information.3. (a) Explain the impact of outsourcing on an organisation.(b) Describe the changing patterns of employment that have occurred recently inthe UK.(c) Describe the different stages involved in setting an appropriate stock level. Usea diagram to support your answer.(d) Discuss the use of structured decision making models within an organisation.(e) Distinguish between the terms:• Quantitative and qualitative information• Primary and secondary information.
4. (a) Explain the advantages to an organisation of selling products using e-commerce.(b) Compare the objectives of a private sector organisation with the objectives of apublic sector organisation.(c) Discuss the use of 3 field research techniques.(d) Describe the different forms of testing that can be used in the selection process.(e) Describe the different forms of grouping which can be used by a multinationalorganisation.5. (a) Describe the factors an organisation would take into account before choosing achannel of distribution.(b) Describe why some organisations produce a mission statement.(c) Distinguish between the following financial terms:• Gross Profit and Net Profit• Fixed Assets and Current Assets• Debentures and Shares.(d) Explain the reasons managers use accounting ratios.(e) Describe the factors an organisation would take into account prior to selecting asupplier.(f) Justify the use of staff training for an organisation.

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