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I need a recommendation report, plus the draft of the report. it has to be about daycare or adult daycare. I also need the outline to prepare the PowerPoint. Please follow the instructions. Thanks in advanceRecommendation Report Assignment Instructions /Page 4 of 4 Recommendation ReportPurpose: To demonstrate your ability to (1) apply the three-step process to preparing a memo report, (2) conduct research in support of your analysis and recommendation, (3) organize your thoughts in a logical and appropriate format, (4) convey clear ideas and provide the audience with ethical information on which to base a decision, and (5) provide the sources (at least 10) supporting your analysis and recommendation using APA style referencing.This assignment links to course objectives 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, & 8.Type of Assignment: The Recommendation Report assignment is worth 150 points.Situation: You and a couple of your fellow FAU friends have created your startup business-similar to the one you have been researching all semester. It has been so successful that you and your partners are ready to establish a headquarters. While you all still live in Florida, you, your partners, and the company’s advisory board are not sure Florida is the best location. Therefore, you have agreed to research the issue, write an analytical recommendation report, and prepare a persuasive recommendation presentation.Audience: Your partners and your company’s advisory boardYour Role/Task: The partner charged with finding the best location other than Florida in which to headquarter your business, comparing and contrasting that location with Florida, and recommending whether the company should establish its headquarters in Florida or the other stateAssignment: Follow these steps:1. You have already determined the type of start-up company, and it is running successfully—e.g., accounting, entertainment, finance, healthcare, hospitality, international business, manufacturing, marketing, merchandizing, technology. Here’s an article to get you thinking!Ransom, D. (2014). America’s coolest college startups 2014. Inc. Retrieved from Create a name for your company and brief description of it.3. Identify the critical factors in determining the best state in which to locate your business. Use the following sources to get started:a. Red tape blues: The best and worst states for small businesses. (2014, July 5). TheEconomist, 23. Retrieved from Small Business Administration. (n.d.). Tips for choosing your business location.Retrieved from United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation. (2014). Enterprising statesdashboard. Retrieved from Based on the critical factors you identify, select the best state—other than Florida—to establish your headquarters.5. Using your research, compare and contrast Florida with the other state you selected–analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two locations.6. Recommend which location you believe is best for the company’s headquarters, present your rationale, and acknowledge any disadvantages—be able to explain why you’d recommend the location despite those disadvantages. (Fully develop this step since it forms the basis of your Recommendation Presentation!)7. Summarize the report’s key points.Format/Organization: Use the memo report format–see Ch. 11-12, Analytical Reports)-p. 378. Use headings and organize your report using the direct approach of stating the problem, analyzing which state provides the best location in terms of the critical factors relevant to your company’s needs, and stating/justifying your recommendation. The report should be complete (i.e., provide solid evidence and support), but concise. The specific format will be covered in class and by the example provided in the Sample Reports section of the Recommendation Report Assignment.References: To demonstrate that you are basing your analysis and recommendation on substantive and credible evidence, include a minimum of 10 different in-text references for secondary information found in outside sources, and attach an APA-formatted reference list.Be sure you have an Owl card ( to access the FAU Library databases/indexes:• Business, Industry & Economics Databases ABI/Inform Complete Business and Industry Business Insights: Essentials Business Source Premier Others—Ask a librarian! • News & Current Events DatabasesIn addition, interview at least one (you can certainly interview more) business person who has made this decision. Once you read the articles and see the issues, you’ll know the types of questions to ask for your interview(s). Refer to Chapter 11, “Conducting Interviews,” p, 395. Don’t forget to cite them as a source.Remember to find at least ten (you can certainly include more) reputable sources—no blogs, no Wikipedia, no wikis of any kind! Within the report, insert proper in-text citations (parenthetical references [PRs]) (no standalone URL links!) for facts, illustrations, or ideas taken from any of these sources. These in-text references will correspond to the APA reference list at the end of your report.— Remember that you’re creating a reference list—not an annotated bibliography—so the reference list contains only the sources for which you have PRs and will not include annotations.For help with APA, go to either of the following sites:• Red Deer College APA Citation Style 6th Edition Home Page • Owl Purdue APA SiteIn addition, Limit your memo report to between 1,500 and 2,000 words, 4 to 5 pages (allowing for the memo headers, headings, lists, tables, and figures), and additional pages for the reference list. Use the Times New Roman 12pt. font. Number the pages—place the page number in the upper-right corner of each page. Use the memo report format—see the full-block example on pp. 264-265 of the text. Use effective visuals to reinforce your points. Always explain to the reader what you want them see exactly.. Prior to peer review upload the draft of your Recommendation Report to the Turn-It-In link to validate authenticity and plagiarism. Name your Word file as your last Name Recommendation Report Draft (e.g. Compomizzi Recommendation Report Draft) Upload your file as a Word file, and name it your last name Recommendation Report (e.g., Compomizzi Recommendation Report). Prepare a brief 5-10 sentences memo in bulletin point format of your peer review including the name of the person who reviewed your report, the date it was reviewed, and the suggestions that were made to you for your final exam. Grading: Only the final submission will receive the grade; however, an earlier version needs peer-reviewing.For all assignments, refer to the rubric provided.