Cultural Diversity Project

Students will share their knowledge concerning a specific culture and its customs as they relate to health care.  Think for the perspective of what would you want to know if you encountered a person in a particular culture.  Would this be different for a man vs. a woman of this culture?  Some cultures you may consider involve Religious affiliations, Race/Ethnicity, National Origin, etc. The student will provide the following. Due No later than 12/10 to the Assignment Submissions folder.
Introduction and definition of this Culture
Care Considerations
Medication Considerations
Food Considerations
Death and Dying
Appropriate Communication with Patient and Family
Common Practices of Culture or Religion as they relate to health care.
Any additional Information that is relevant.
For this project, students may choose to submit either a PowerPoint/Slideshow presentation, or a written paper.  All sources/references must be cited in APA format.