Critical Thinking 3

Data Visualization and GIS Solutions (130 points)
Research digital dashboards Data Mashups that are available to businesses. In a paper, summarize the range of solutions available with examples of how they might be utilized. Then conduct some research and identify an organization that has adopted one of these software solutions. Briefly describe the organization, and then answer the following questions:

What technology (or technologies) is the organization      using?
Which business units utilize the data presented by the      technology?
What does the technology provide to the organization?      What benefits does it offer and/or what problems does it solve?
Explain the present and future impacts of such a      technology from a business perspective.
Identify areas in which the organization might expand      or improve upon using the technology. Explain what they could do and why      they should do it.
Write at least 4-5 pages in      length, excluding the title page, abstract and required      reference page, which are never a part of the minimum content      requirements.
Use 4 reference