Criminal Justice Journal

Journal:  Each student is expected to keep a journal of violent shootings in New York City. The journal should cover a period of July 1, 2021`-December 7, 2021. Each journal entry should answer the following questions.Date of Event? How many persons were shot? How many persons were killed due to the gunshot violence?  Race and age of the would-be shooter, and the person shot.   Write unknown if this information is unknown.  One sentence or less if a suspected reason is given for the shooting.  You will be asked randomly during the semester to report on the latest shooting incident in the city therefore, you must keep your notebook/journal up to date.  This response when questioned will be a part of your required classroom participation. A failure to respond will reflect negatively on your classroom participation grade.  At the end of the semester, you will submit your journal for a part of your final grade.