For your creative writing assignment I decided to have each of you write about how the outcomes of COP26 impact your life or that of others you care about. See details below. More broadly, the points you can obtain for this assignment will depend on how you form your argument, the relevance of the topic to environmental economics, and the depth of your argumentation I am looking for depth and sound argumentation rather than a broad statement of how climate change will impact all of us.

Details and Rules

Every essay should start with, In this essay I write about
This is a pretty short essay, so no abstracts please.
You should start the essay with a bit of an introduction and motivation (perhaps 3-5 sentences), then explore your topic deeper in the main body of your paper before concluding (perhaps 3-5 sentences). There is no need to label any section of your paper, so the suggested structure should be built into the natural flow of your paper.
What am I really looking for with this assignment? I want to know what you care about and why. That is the hook. Then you need to present your topic logically and well-structured. Obviously, you should convince me that this topic also matters to the field of environmental economics.
Should you reference or cite the work of others? You can if you do, make sure that it is done properly (I do not care which formatting style you follow so long as you follow one of the accepted standards) and that the references are listed at the bottom of your papers in alphabetical order (references are not included in the word count).
No figures or tables please.