Consider the following scenario: Your healthcare agency implemented a new electr

Consider the following scenario:
Your healthcare agency implemented a new electronic health record (EHR) system five months ago. An interprofessional committee composed of representatives from all clinical disciplines along with hospital administration was formed. The purpose of the committee was to assess the current status of the project implementation and determine interventions that may be needed at this point.
The nursing staff survey indicates that 56% are satisfied, and the physician and provider survey indicate that 39% are satisfied. These percentages need to increase greatly. QI reports display that documentation is often not complete, there are not enough computers on some of the clinical units, the alert systems are not always effective, and physicians are developing workarounds on some of the required procedures that require computerized documentation. Several of the physicians state they do not feel they are prepared to use the system. The talk at the water cooler is that this project will fail.
Compose an executive report for your chief executive officer (CEO) regarding the problem described. Recommend a resolution to the dilemma. Consider the following questions to address the problem:
What are the problems?
Is more information needed to understand the problem? If so, what information may be needed?
What do you recommend be done to resolve the problem?
What could have been done at the onset of the project to prevent the problems that are now being experienced?
How would you plan further evaluation? (Include a timeline.)
What do you recommend to the CEO to alleviate this problem?
Length: 3 pages, not including title and reference pages