Composer Essay

Choose a composer from the list I provided in Moodle under “Course Content and Instructions.” Only composers from that list can be used unless you get approval from me first.  The should be written as if it were an essay on an exam.
Your essay should answer the following questions regarding your chosen composer:
Describe the life and work of your chosen composer. 
1.      What are some of his/her significant life events?
2.      What are some of his/her major works? Which one is considered the best or greatest work?
3.      What are some of his/her other other contributions to music if there are any?
4.      What are some of his/her contributions to the world or society in general? 
5.      Based on your research, draw your own conclusion as to the importance of this composer in the greater scheme of music history. Should he/she be included in a study of major composers or does this composer fit more into the category of minor, but interesting composers?  (Be sure to support your opinion with facts from your research!)
As stated above, treat this as if it was an essay on an exam.  You do not need to include a “Works Cited” page, but if you use information from a source give credit in your essay to that source. For example:
               “ states that Holst’s composition The Planets premiered on September 29, 1918   to an audience gathered by invitation only.”
So give credit within the essay, but you don’t need a separate “Works Cited” page.