Compose one paragraph that details all of the similarities between Girl and Fanny says how

Compose one paragraph that details all of the similarities between Girl and Fanny says how to be a Lady. In another paragraph, discuss how the two pieces of writing are different.

Utilize the MLA help document in the Other Resources folder for incorporating quotes.

This assignment will assist students with reading comprehension skills as they analyze writing from a different discipline. Do not forget to utilize the discussion boardcolleagues may open the poems up a bit more than working alone.

For WA4, we should focus on four aspects: tone, structure/style, theme and cultural reference. Tone: How might we describe the voice of the speaker in each piece? Structure/Style: How might we describe the way each piece looks and the words and or phrasing the speaker uses? Theme: How might we describe what each piece is about? Cultural references: What details provide evidence of the speakers culture? (When you access the link, be sure to read through the synonyms to reach a better understanding of the word culture.

As we compose this assignment, we must use direct quoteseither full or in partto illustrate the similarities and differences and the respective pages that each quote is taken from. Kincaids piece appears on pages 189-190. Browns piecewe will sayappears on pages 1-2.

In addition, we need to use the best conjunctive adverbs as transition between quotes. Here is a list to choose from.

Remember: plagiarism is a serious offense. We must properly cite any information from any source when used in our own writing.

Girl W ash the white clothes on Monday and put them on the stone heap; wash the color clothes on Tuesday and put them on the clothesline to dry; dont walk barehead in the hot sun; cook pumpkin fritters in very hot sweet oil; soak your little cloths right after you take them off; when buying cotton to make yourself a nice blouse, be sure that it doesnt have gum on it, because that way it wont hold up well after a wash; soak salt fish overnight before you cook it; is it true that you sing benna1 in Sunday school?; always eat your food in such a way that it wont turn someone elses stomach; on Sundays try to walk like a lady and not like the slut you are so bent on becoming; dont sing benna in Sunday school; you mustnt speak to wharf-rat boys, not even to give directions; dont eat fruits on the streetflies will follow you; but I dont ting benna on Sundays at all and never in Sunday school; this is how to sew on a button; this is how to make a button-hole for the button you have just sewed on; this is how to hem a dress when you see the hem coming down and so to prevent yourself from looking like the slut I know you are so bent on becoming; this is how you iron your fathers khaki shirt so that it doesnt have a crease; this is how you iron your fathers khaki pants so that they dont have a crease; this is how you grow okrafar from the house, because okra tree harbors red ants; when you are growing dasheen2 , make sure it gets plenty of water or else it makes your throat itch when you are eating it; this is how you sweep a corner; this is how you sweep a whole house; this is how you sweep a yard; this is how you smile to someone you dont like too much; this is i how you smile to someone you dont like at all; this is how you smile to someone you like completely; this is how you set a table for tea; this is how you set a table for dinner; this is how you set a table for dinner with an important guest; this is how you set a table for lunch; this is how you set a table for breakfast; this is how to behave in the presence of men who dont know you very well, and this , way they wont recognize immediately the slut I have warned you against becoming; be sure to wash every day, even if it is with your own spit; dont squat down to play marblesyou are not a boy, you know; dont pick peoples flowersyou might catch something; dont throw stones at blackbirds, because it might not be a blackbird at all; this is how to make a bread pudding; this is how to make doukona3 ; this is how to make pepper pot; this is how to make a good medicine for a cold; this is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before 1. benna: Calypso music 2. dasheen: an edible root it even becomes a child; this is how to catch a fish; this is how to throw back a fish you dont like, and that way something bad wont fall on you; this is how to bully a man; this is how a man bullies you; this is how to love a man, and if this doesnt work there are other ways, and if they dont work dont feel too bad about giving up; this is how to spit up in the air if you feel like it, and this is how to move quick so that it doesnt fall on you; this is how to make ends meet; always s queeze bread to make sure its fresh; but what if the baker wont let mefeel the bread?; you mean to say that after all you are really going to be the kind of woman who the baker wont let near the bread

Fanny Says How To Be A Lady by Nickole Brown

1. Never tell your age. If under cardiac arrest and the ambulance comes, the paramedic will ask lots of questionsthe city you live in, the president, your last name. Answer him best you can, but if he asks the year you were born, say, Youre the doctor here. If youre so fucking smart, why dont you tell me how old I am?

2. Watch your reputation close. Remember, if you lie down with dogs, youll come up with fleas, and no man will buy a cow if he gets the milk for free. Now, if you need a husband, put on a pair of pantstight nowso it shows your rump, and get a little chain to walk that dog. Go on to that fire station and walk past. Now those firemen are gonna notice you and whoop and holler, but you dont pay them no mind, you just keep walking with your head held high. By the fourth or fifth time you walk past, one of thems gonna say, well, Im going outside to talk to that ho . . . and thats just what hell say . . . but Im sure hell learn right different, soon enough. And then? Itd be all she wrote.

3. Take it easy, keep your feet up, and dont carry nothing heavy unless on the hot sidewalk you want your uterus to fall out. And if you lift weights, youll loose your perky breasts, you wont be left with a tiddy one; trust your grandma, stay away from the gym, cause like I say, I dont believe in exercise, no, not one bit.

4. Speaking of your tiddies, once you loose them, you cant get them back. Wear a brassiere with a good wire day and night, even to sleep, and dont let no baby nurse you. If you do, theyll deflate like two bananas. Then what will you do? Aint a thing wrong with bottle feedinglook at you, raised up on formula from day one, and you seem to be alright.

5. Steer clear of places where common people go. Public pools aint nothing but a sea of hot piss, and if youre forced to drink in a restaurant, you ask for a straw, because Lord knows where that cup has been.

6. Dont fool with a boy with no home training. If he pulls in front of the house and lays on the horn, dont you answer. You aint no whore; he needs to come to the front door proper and knock. And when you get to his car, grandma will be watching to see if he opens the passenger side. If not, you stand still, let him jump in alone . . . soon enough, hell notice youre not in the car and come around to open your door. I mean it: Ill be watching, and if you so much as touch that handle, Im coming out to whoop your ass. A man will respect you once youve earned it. Start a puppy early, and he wont pull the leash.

7. Dont answer the phone, especially if a boy you like is calling. I dont care if youre picking your toes and watching The Flinstones on a Friday night, you let grandma answer. Ill tell him, no, shes not here, she went down to Miami with a few girlfriends and never came back. When he sees you, youve got to pretend nowOh, we had such a good time. We played volleyball and got a tan. That will keep him from taking you for granted, for waiting so long to call, thinking youd always be there, waiting around.

8. People mostly see what you say. Now, if youve got a crooked nose, let them know and that will be all they notice. And your feet? I know theyre flat and turned in, big enough to row a canoe, but tell people and theyll think youre afflicted. Look in the mirror, girl. Youre as pretty as you let yourself be; youre just fine.

9. Dont ever let folks think youre trash. Dont sit with your legs open like youre drawing flies, dont ever let me see you drink straight from a bottle or can, and for Gods sake, never serve coffee with the stirring spoon still in the cup. Wear your hair up after thirty, but never let nobody cut it off, and at the table, dont you dare touch the last bite. You dont want people to think youre hungry: if you enjoy somebody elses dinner, dont say thank you for the meal, but thank you for such a nice time. Dont track in through the front door unless youre company; if youre family, use the back. And if youve been drinking from the same glass for a few hours, its greasy, get yourself a clean one, fresh from the dishwasher. Aint no sense ever being dirty; soap dont cost a nickel now, soaps cheap. 10. Be mean and fight for it. Thats the only way it will ever come to you. Remember what grandma tells you: people will take only what you let them, and you hold that head back and walk straight. You understand? Be mean, fight for it. Hold that head back, walk straight. Youll remember what I tell you? Youll remember, wont you?

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