COM 100 Oral Presentation Final Project Due: Monday, June 20 @ 11:59pm You will

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowCOM 100 Oral Presentation Final ProjectYou will prepare, research, and record a 6-8 minute oral PowerPoint presentation (8-10 slides) exploring a media topic of interest. The topic presented can be anything media-related, from taking a position on video gaming to critically examining specific shows, platforms, networks, representation, channels, or the consequences of binge-watching, product placement, social media usage (impact social media has on the youth, or social media usage and mental health, etc. The topics are yours to explore. (You can even pick material/content from the textbook to research and present on).For this presentation you are informing us about your topic and taking a position about where you stand regarding your topic. *Please review week 3 zoom chat for more detailed explanation of this assignment*Remember to keep the project narrow enough to do the following within the allotted time:Assert an original position on the topic that is imaginative and considers the complexities of the issue.Consider the alternative or opposing cultural dimensions of the problem or topic, which should include the positive and negative impact of culture on the media and vice versa, the impact of media on culture.Thoroughly present evidence and reflectively question your own bias.Incorporate at least five current research references (including textbook) for a robust analysis. Evidence may include articles, quotes, and images that back up various points of view.Examine whether your position changed after more research.Make sure your conclusion is logical and considers opposing viewpoints while it also highlights your position to expand the issue.Use your presentation to expand on, rather than simply to read, your slide bullet points.Email me an outline of your presentation- notes on what you will be presenting about. It can be bullet point notes (Due Monday)The following questions, adapted from L. M. Sacasas’ “The Questions Concerning Technology,” might help you to develop a position on the relationship between media and culture:How does this media or cultural practice affect one’s experience of time and/or place?What actions, behaviors, desires, or feelings does the use of this media or cultural practice cultivate or displace?How does consuming this media shape one’s vision of the good life or attitudes towards others?Whom, if anyone, does this media empower and/or disempower, and how?What kinds of cultural assumptions or values emerge in the media?Upload and submit in Week Three and Critique Two Cohorts in Week Four:Best way to submit your presentation is to upload your video to YouTube and post your YouTube link to this week 3 final project post. If you are not familiar with how to upload a video to YouTube I will email you all step by step directions.Under Learning Tools, you can record your PowerPoint presentation with either Kaltura, YouTube, or Zoom and submit it with video or just a voice-over in week three.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated