CJI Policing the police extra credits/Criminal Justice//Latest 20222

 answers to these questions.What were your impressions of the police tactics while watching the Policing the Police movie about the Newark Police Department.  Did you think the police had reasonable suspicion?Article IV of the Bill of Rights. What rights are guaranteed?assignmentcafe.com• What happened in Newark, New Jersey, in 1967? Do you know anyone who lived in Newark during that time?  What were there impressions?assignmentcafe.comWhat language do the newscasters and the narrator use to describe the events?• After the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles, what new powers wereassignmentcafe.comgiven to the U.S. Department of Justice concerning local police departments?• What charges were made against the Newark Police Department?What did the DOJ discover in its investigation? What improvements were beingconsidered?